We are constantly striving to improve the quality of life within the boundaries of the Irving Flood Control District by maintaining and improving the infrastructure and working elements of flood control. View our current projects below for more details.

Valley Ranch Sump.jpg

Valley Ranch Intake Sump Erosion Control

The Valley Ranch Intake Sump Erosion Control Project is underway to address the effects of weather, erosion and the unstable soils of North Texas on the sump located along Valley Ranch Parkway near Ranch Trail. The repair involves draining water out of a portion of the sump through the use of a temporary dam and pumping equipment. The work also includes the installation of a wall below normal water level, erosion control matting and shoreline aquatic plantings in order to further protect the shoreline from erosion. The heavy storms in the fall and winter slowed progress on this project, but it’s about 60 percent complete.

Cowboys Canal 1.jpg

Water Circle Canal Dredging

An upcoming dredging project in the Water Circle Canal is expected to remove nearly 10,000 cubic yards of silt from the waterway. Work began in late 2018 and will continue into 2019.

Cowboys Canal 2.jpg

Cowboys Canal Erosion Control Wall Extension

Work on the extension of the Cowboys Canal Erosion Control Wall is underway and is approximately 70 percent complete. This project was delayed due to heavy rains in the fall and winter.